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Do you have a film you want to make, or a film you have made that you want taking through the final stages of online editing or grading? We have a wealth of experience to bring to your project, from planning to delivery or anywhere in between. Contact us today to see how we can help. Here at McMedia we use experienced professionals.

Marc McDermott


Marc McDermott is McMedia's CEO. Marc has worked on a range of feature and short films over the years in the editorial department. He has built up a range of editorial experience and technical expertise which has led him to be in high demand. Recently he has worked on a number of Ridley Scott productions in the,"..IN A DAY" series of films, where his technical expertise was in high demand. You can see Marc McDermott's professional experience on his IMDB page and find out more about the films. Marc has also worked in the camera department for documentaries, sporting events and short films, as well as providing advice and delivering workshops on the fundamentals of production techniques.


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